2 projects: baptism of fire for the IXI field modules!

The field modules IXI-R1 and IXI-R2 received the attention of many installers in 2016. Two projects illustrate this growing success: the kOsh campus in Herentals and Warlandis in Jette.

The installation of the HVAC system on the new kOsh campus in Herentals was entrusted to Druart.
For this project, Druart called upon Rf-Technologies to supply not only the motorised fire dampers but also the field controllers that remotely monitor the dampers.

All 92 motorised fire dampers were equipped with the option IXI-R1, a universal field module that communicates – via BACnet or Modbus – with various building management systems. The IXI-R1 modules on the kOsh campus for instance are linked to a Schneider building management system.
The wiring of the field modules with the motors had been performed on the production line by Rf-Technologies. This resulted in a significant time saving on site.

"We consider using the IXI-R1 field modules again in our next project," commented Arjan Vandorland, project manager at Druart. And to turn words into action, he immediately sent the plans to Rf-Technologies.
Vandewalle NV, based in Jabbeke, can also gladly look back on a first project with the IXI field modules. 
In the Warlandis care center in Jette, half of the 464 motorised fire dampers have been delivered with an IXI-R2 module. A second damper was then connected to the same module, using a longer cable equipped with a connector.
The modules communicate with the Priva building management system.
The number of cables has been kept to a minimum thanks to the use of bus cables to monitor and control the IXI modules from the building management system. This feature has had a very positive impact on the project: "Two technicians were ready one month earlier than planned, thanks to the application of your bus system," adds Gert-Jan Andries of Vandewalle.
In the eyes of the installer, the possibility to detach the modules from their support when working in the vicinity of the damper also constitutes a practical asset of the solution!