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Technical brochure Maintenance Fire DampersTechnical datasheet KITpdf [138.60 kB]13/10/2016
Specification texts fire dampers (general)Specification textsdoc [47.00 kB]01/06/2016
Technical product brochure CU2-15Technical datasheetpdf [2,103.65 kB]11/03/2020
CLA_CU2-15_NF_18.13NF certificatepdf [261.02 kB]17/04/2018
CLA_CU2-15_DOP_C7Declaration of performancepdf [159.12 kB]07/09/2018
CLA_CU2-15_10-H-095Classification reportpdf [349.01 kB]18/02/2016
Brochure fire dampersMarketingpdf [1,428.24 kB]04/03/2019
Technical datazip