CU2-15 - Installation

Installation at a minimal distance from another damper or from an adjacent supporting construction

According to the European test standard, a fire damper must be installed at a minimum distance of 75 mm from an adjacent wall and 200 mm from another damper, unless the solution was tested at a shorter distance.

Installation in rigid wall

The product was tested and approved in:
  • Reinforced concrete ≥ 110 mm | EI 120 (ve i o) S - (1500 Pa) | Mortar | Type of installation: built-in 0/180° | 200x200 mm ≤ CU2-15 ≤ 1200x800 mm

General remarks

  • The installation must comply with the installation manual and the classification report.
  • Axis orientation: see the declaration of performance.
  • Avoid obstruction of adjoining ducts.
  • Product installation: always with closed damper blade.
  • Verify if the blade can move freely.
  • Please observe safety distances with respect to other construction elements. The operating mechanism must also remain accessible: allow for a clearance of 200 mm around the housing.
  • The air tightness class will be maintained if the damper is installed according to the installation manual.
  • Rf-t fire dampers are always tested in standardised constructions according to EN 1366-2. The achieved results are valid for similar supporting constructions with a fire resistance, thickness and density equal or superior to the supporting construction used during the test.
  • The damper must remain accessible for inspection and maintenance.
  • Schedule at least two running visual checks each year.