BP - Fire resistant plaster.

Fire resistant plaster consisting of a mix of vermiculite-perlite grains, with gypsum as a binding agent and additives. BP is used to make walls, ceilings and metal profiles, as well as openings in walls or floors fire resistant.


  • Applied directly, by hand, or mechanically (sprayer)
  • 1m³=28 bags
  • 1 bag BP covers 1 m² with a thickness of 4,5 cm
  • Needed: mixing vessel, mixer, water, BP
  • Pour ±17 litres water, add 1 bag BP and keep mixing during 2 minutes
  • Heat-convection: 0,12 W/mK
  • Density: ±700 kg/m³
  • Pressure resistance: 10 kg/cm³