Smoke evacuation damper

Smoke evacuation shutters and dampers are suitable for use in ventilating protected lobbies, venting to shafts either naturally or mechanically. They open to evacuate smoke in emergency situations whilst maintaining fire resistant integrity in standby position.

How does a smoke control damper work?

Smoke is considered to be as dangerous as fire, if not more.
Smoke evacuation solutions are designed to evacuate smoke and heat in case of fire. They create a smoke-free zone to facilitate the evacuation of people under good visibility conditions. Rf-Technologies smoke evacuation shutters and dampers are normally closed, and open locally in the event of fire.

  1. Smoke evacuation dampers and shutters are installed in (or connected to) smoke evacuation shafts.
  2. Their opening is controlled by the central fire safety system that sends a trigger to the mechanism.
    The lower damper brings fresh air in while smoke is evacuated through the upper damper.