MG2-A XL - Surface-mounted fire resistant collars for large diameters.

The MG2-A XL fire resistant collar is mounted on the surface of walls and floors around a large-format plastic pipe (PVC, HDPE, ABS up to 400 mm) in order to prevent propagation of fire up to 120 minutes. These large-format collars feature a stainless steel housing and a practical locking system for an easy mounting.


  • Large dimensions
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Easy to install
  • No specific tools, no sealing required
  • Installation U/C, C/C (uncapped-capped / capped-capped).
  • CE marking according to EAD 350454-00-1104


  • Maintenance-free
  • Suitable for surface-mount
  • Suitable for PVC-U pipes according to EN 1329-1, EN 1453-1 or EN 1452-1 and for PVC-C pipes according to EN 1566-1
  • Suitable for PE-HD pipes according to EN 1519-1, EN 12666-1 or EN 12201-2 and for ABS pipes according to EN 1455-1


  1. Stainless steel casing
  2. Intumescent strips
  3. Locking system